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    (the Suite)
    ڸ ɵ ݺؾ ִ , "ʿ"

    ݱ 뷡 ־. źź â 븦 ȭϸ, Ҹ ܷӰ ׸ϴ ǵ帮 Ư¡̱ ̴.

    ׷ ̹ ̱ ؼ ٸ Ѵ. 뷧 Ͱ ̺ ϰ , ϰ Ҹ ̺ ׸. ʿԡ Ҹ ġ Ϸ縦 , Ͼ ִ. 180 ٲ , .

    ʿԡ ָҸ κ Ŀ ִ. KINGYO ̸ ǰ ݺؾ 뷡 ȭڸ ¡Ѵ. ϰ ɵ ġ ִ ̺ Ŀ ٸ ȭ ״ .

    ʿԡ Ÿ 尡 κ Ѵ. Ʈ Ҹ Ҹ ִ. ̺ ̾߱⵵ ƴ ó ϻ̱⵵ ϴ. ׸ŭ ֵθ ̶ ϰ ϻ̱ ƴұ?

    Executive produced by () ÷
    Song produced by Jay Cry
    Lyrics by Jay Cry
    Composed by Jay Cry
    Arranged by Jay Cry
    Main Vocal by The Suite
    Background Vocal by The Suite
    Guitar by Damyesynn
    Recorded by Jay Cry at Inplanet Studio
    Mixed by Jay Cry at Inplanet Studio
    Mastered by at Sonic Korea
    A&R Director
    Art directing by
    Photo by chelsea.blueyes KINGYO
    Promotion by ڹ,
    Online distribution by Genie Music


    01. ʿ
    no, im not (2019.10.18)
    ϱ Ⱦ (2019.10.07)
    ƻ (Feat. 繫.. (2019.10.06)
    1st ܼܵƮ
    HANA ȹ/
    2 ź
    ̽ ȹ/
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