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Album title
Goldfish (Feat. Blueny of OuiOui)
Release date
이요나 (yiyona) “Goldfish (feat. Blueny of OuiOui)”

어항이라는 현실을 뛰쳐나왔어도 달라지는 것은 없네
숨이 넘어갈 듯 팔딱이는 금붕어의 아가미처럼
꿈을 꾸기도 전에 절망했지만 멈출 수는 없어

Escaped the fishbowl, but nothing’s changed
Like the gills of a goldfish flapping out of breath
I despaired even before dreaming, but I can’t stop now

Executive produced by (주) 인플래닛
Lyrics by MISA
Composed by MISA
Arranged by MISA
All vocals by Blueny
Chorus by Blueny
Recorded by 서준호 at Inplanet Studio
Mixed by CRDL at Inplanet Studio
Mastered by CRDL at Inplanet Studio
A&R Director 염정봉
A&R 서준호
Artwork by PEGACON
Lyric Video by Josee Cho
Publishing/Distribution management by 박배건

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01.Goldfish (Feat. Blueny of OuiOui)


이요나 (yiyona) - Goldfish (feat. Blueny of OuiOui) Lyric Video